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Sinai University is honored to welcome all the passing high school students who are interested in joining our university at the Kantara Campus and Arish Campus.

Applying to SU is very competitive due to limited number of available seats every year. Kindly apply early and fulfill the following to increase your chance of joining us.



SU applicant must write all needed information on the admission application form available on the SU website and write their email address correctly. The English placement test results will be sent to the student’s email as written on the application form. The email address must be clear and correct due to it being the only means of communication between the admission team and the applicant. Applicants must regularly check their email and follow all payment instructions as mentioned below.

When accepted, the applicant will have to pay the tuition fees in the university bank account number that will have been sent to him/her via email. The payment must be made within two business days. No late payments are accepted.