Category  Insurance (paid once) With AC One Semester One Year
Single Premium Plus (AC)  1,000 26,000 39,000
Single Premium (AC) 1,000 24,500 36,750
Double Deluxe  (AC) 1,000 23,000 34,500
Single Deluxe (AC) 1,000 22,000 33,000
Single Superior (AC) 1,000 20,500 30,750
Single Classic (AC) 1,000 19,000 28,500
Triple Deluxe (AC) 1,000 17,500 26,250
Triple Superior (AC) 1,000 15,000 22,500

SU provides dorms for students to live in for each semester until they graduate. The rooms are fully finished and furnished. The dorms allow our students to be on campus 24/7 and are only a few walking minutes away from their classes. All dorms include AC and a study corner within the room. Of course, it’s up to the student to have a room on their own, or a shared room with one other colleague or two.