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Business Administration and International Marketing


Welcome to the official site of the Sinai University for the faculty of Business Administration & International Marketing. Here, you will be provided with helpful information on making your career decision.

Since technology and the market forces make the global economy profoundly competitive, business education need to be as demanding and bold as it can be for new ideas, products, economy demand, insight tools, and responses. Our primary objective is to understand the characteristics of business knowledge and to offer a quality of education that will make a difference in the student’s academic life.

In order to achieve this, we’ve developed a curriculum that provides our students with the necessary skills to meet the latest international standards. Moreover, our academic team does not only hold an adequate academic track, but also has experience in many business disciplines such as: entrepreneurship, economics, finance, and marketing. Also, taking note with experience in several business-related fields, such as: mathematics, statistics, and commercial law; with extensive international experience in teaching, training, and consultations.

Therefore, we promise our students that they’ll receive the knowledge, research, insights, and effective personal skills to meet the needs of becoming business professionals at the critical stages of their careers.Finally, we believe that our innovative philosophy will allow our students to increase their future success. We are looking forward to meeting our students, parents, faculty, and colleagues to accomplish our goals.

Prof. Ahmed Abd Allah Abaza

Dean of Faculty of Business Administration & International Marketing

Department Staff

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The Faculty educates pharmacy practitioners to meet the pharmaceutical care needs of the community. The Faculty is committed to improving human health through the development of new drugs, optimization of drug use, and improvement of pharmaceutical services. It is also committed to advancing pharmaceutical technology to strengthen Egypt economy.

To be a first-class academic institute, providing excellence and innovation in teaching, research and service to our immediate community.


The Faculty of Business is fully equipped with only the best facilities for our students to gain the experience of true business men & women. The department of Business contains a main hall, different lecture halls & classrooms, 2 seminar rooms, and a videoconference room.


The new interactive holds of faculty of Business in Kantara campus provide a quite unique experience to our students that depend mainly on interaction and participation between diff parties. Also, through e learning process, our students could connect to different culture education experience, and syllabuses all over the world.

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