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Sinai University

If you would like to study in a university in the heart of the city that focus on changing the world for a better tomorrow, you came to the right place, we do not use special formulas to select students, we look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal and try to select students who fits perfectly to our community.

Who we are

The significance of establishing a university and research centers in the North of Sinai is not only due to the lack of such universities in this area, but also to the special importance of having a world-class education to support the economic development of the region

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Why SU

There are no limits to our ambitions. Our goal is to make SU an open invitation to peace and a center for academic excellence. Thus, leading a massive developmental movement in Sinai and effectively achieving our national projects goal,

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Board of trustees

The SU Board of Trustees seeks to reinforce the SU administration in multiple directions by serving as a bridge between the university and the outside world. On the other hand, we introduce the university to the world by striving to bring in different expertise and capacities from beyond the university.

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Sinai University aspires to be one of the pioneering universities from local to regional and international perspectives by introducing innovative education and research with distinct services for the community. We intend to provide our students with only the best practical education experience from the beginning to the end by using smart and sophisticated equipment to build irradiant well-educated graduates.


Sinai University is committed to improve and develop the society through introducing well-educated graduates that can contribute effectively in the society, and to be able to compete in the local, regional, and global market.

Furthermore, SU contributes in the applied scientific research to achieve a sustainable development.