The SU board of trustees seeks to reinforce the SU administration in multiple directions by serving as a bridge between the university and the outside world, on the other hand, we introduce the university to the world by striving to bring in different expertise and capacities from beyond the university.

The board also has a leading role in the identification and development of financial resources, it closely monitors the university’s relations with other scientific institutions, private sectors, and governmental agencies and mass media.

Furthermore, the SU Board of Trustees sets forth the designation of long-term resources and decision making, in the context of the needs and expectations of both the university and community.

The board is responsible for maintaining the capability of the university to carry out its mission for the present and future generations, the SU board members play a key role throughout the activation of the supervisory role, they provide the support, with regards to the large scale, strategic goals of the university, as well as, enriching its financial resources and materials, in addition to promoting the university at local, regional, and international levels.

The SU board of trustees is committed to increasing the opportunities for new resources to keep the progress of the university, also, it is noted that a large part of the SU board work is done through its standing committees of its General Secretariat, which handles work matters in coordination with the SU administration in an integrated system, there, the committees report to the Chairman of the board of trustees during the session.

In realization, the SU Board of Trustees apprehend that the daily management of the university rests in the capable hands of the university president, vice president, general secretariat, deans, and professors, therefore, the board is entrusted with the nomination of the president of the university and participates in the selection of faculty members and senior management, they also monitor the budget and protect the university property.

Ultimately, the SU board of Trustees rehearses sound vision to ensure the ongoing academic mobility of scientific research and the communal participation of Sinai University to follow international standards that govern the educational system.


  • Dr.Hasan Kamel Rateb
    Chairman of Board of Trustees.
  • Brig.Abdelftah Harhour
    North Sinai Governor
  • Eng.Abdelkader Abdelhalem Abdelkader
  • Ambassador. Abdelraouf Elreidy
    Former Egyptian Ambassador in USA
  • Chancellor . Adly Husein
    Former Governor of Al-Qalubiyah
  • Dr. Ali Elsaman
    President of the International Union for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education (ADIC)
  • Dr. Amro Ezzat Salama
    Former Minister of Higher Education.
  • Eng. Esam Zahran
    Assistant Chairman of Directors Board of Sinai Cement Company
  • Shaykh Hasan Khalaf
    Chief of Sinai Mujahideen
  • Dr. Hassan Sherif
    SU Vice President for Foreign Relations
  • Prof. Hatem Mostafa El-bolok
    Sinai University President
  • Dr. Hosam Badrawy
    Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Head of Badrawi Hospital Group
  • Prof. Isamil Abdegaliel
    Former Head of Desert Research Center
  • Mr. Mahmoud Hasan Rateb
    Vice Chairman of SU Boards of Trustees
  • Prof. Mahmoud Sherif
    Former Local Development Minister & Former Sinai University President
  • Brig. Mohamed Abdelfadil Shusha
    Former South Sinai Governor
  • Dr. Ola Ragab
    Head of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Department and Cairo University President Adviser
  • Prof. Osama Kamel Rateb
    SU Vice President for Education and Students Affairs
  • Ms. Radwa Hasan Rateb
    Member of Directors Board of Sama Company for Urban Development
  • Ms. Rehab Hasan Rateb
    Member of Directors Board of Sinai Cement Company
  • Mr. Wafik Kamel Rateb
    Delegated Member of Sama Sinai for Investment
  • Brig.Yassein Taher
    Ismalia Governor
  • Chancellor Yehia Abdelmegid
    Former Minister of State for Shura Council Affairs